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Ukush Fair Trade
Welcome to UKUSH Handmade for Fair Trade™

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PRODUCTS NOT ON THIS SITE include our popular bamboo scarves & shawls. To receive line sheets, contact the email address above.

FAIR TRADE company that aims to introduce innovative, elegant twists on traditional work, made to the highest standards attainable.

UKUSH works with its Mayan artisan partners in Guatemala in all aspects of marketing from ideas through shipping -- promoting a vibrant, sustainable self-sufficiency for every artisan.

What does 'UKUSH' mean?

UKUSH means essence or heart
in the Maya language Kachiquel.
Our diamond-shaped logo is a
Maya symbol for the universe,
still found in designs used in Chiapis,
Mexico. The essence of UKUSH is
its unmatched quality and design, with
its far reaching, fair trading practices.

Enjoy the quality
and colors of