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Global Fairtrade sales increase by 22%

The global market for Fairtrade certified products experienced significant growth in 2008 despite the onset of the global recession. Fairtrade sales grew by an impressive 22% as consumers spent an estimated 2.9 billion Euros on Fairtrade products globally.

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Fairtrade sales grew by at least 50% in seven countries, including Australia and New Zealand (72%), Canada (67%), Finland (57%), Germany (50%), Norway (73%), and Sweden (75%). The largest markets for Fairtrade products continued to experience strong growth, as sales of Fairtrade certified products increased by 43% in the United Kingdom and 10% in the United States. (1) Fairtrade products also gained popularity in a number of new markets, including in Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, and South Africa.

“We are very happy that consumers are supporting Fairtrade in ever increasing numbers. These Fairtrade sales make a real difference to the farmers and workers I represent. As the global recession hits us, the income and stability that Fairtrade brings is all the more important,” says Ruth Simba, Coordinator of the African Fairtrade Network, the representative body of Fairtrade producers in Africa.

In addition to being paid a price which covers the costs of sustainable production, producer organizations receive a Fairtrade Premium, additional income for community development projects. In 2008, the Fairtrade Premium contributed over 12 million Euros to Fairtrade coffee farmers and over 11 million Euros to Fairtrade banana farmers alone.

As of the end of 2008, there were 746 Fairtrade certified producer organizations representing over one million individual farmers and workers. There are at least another 70,000 members of affiliated organizations that belong to Fairtrade certified producer groups that also benefit from Fairtrade, which include women’s groups and other groups not directly involved in the production of Fairtrade products, like cattle herders. Including family members, it is estimated that over five million people directly benefit from Fairtrade.

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Notes to Editors:

  1. National growth rates listed above are based on figures reported in the local currencies.
  2. Some of the producer figures reported here differ from those previously communicated due to the development of more precise methods of calculation and a narrower scope of inclusion.
  3. The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark is a registered trademark of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). It certifies that products meet international Fairtrade standards.
  4. FLO is the umbrella body for Fairtrade. We set international Fairtrade standards and support Fairtrade producers.
  5. FLO is made up of regional Producer Networks and national Labelling Initiatives. Producer Networks are associations that Fairtrade certified producer groups may join. Three producer networks represent producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Labelling Initiatives are national organizations that promote Fairtrade in their country and licence companies to use the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark on products.
  6. There are:
    * Over 1 million Fairtrade producers and workers in 58 countries
    * Around 3000 traders of Fairtrade certified products in over 73 countries
    * 60 countries where Fairtrade certified products are available