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Ukush Fair Trade

Holiday Ornaments

Alternative Views

PS_butter_1.jpg PS_chickens1.jpg Omulti_chickens2.jpg O_maccaw.jpeg Omulti_birds2.jpg quetzal_big.JPG assorted_goldfish2.jpg beaded_dolphin.jpg shrimp_colors.JPG Shrimp_red.JPG frog.JPG

Ornaments, Animal



Each ornament is designed and expertly beaded by a family of Mayan Artisans in Guatemala. These ornaments will add fine Holiday spirit to your home. Let the spirit of Fair Trade be the theme of your celebration of life this Holiday season! Feel free to mix and match to create a set of ornaments just right for your decorating needs. Available in any quantity you choose. Please see price per quantiy menu above. Ornaments range is height from approx.  "These are really fun!"

  • 3" to 6" including beaded hanger
  • High quality seed beads
  • Durable nylon thread

Hand Made For Fair Tradâ„¢

Please specify color choice for: butterfly, goldfish, chicken, prawn and parrots